Condemnation of Recent Act of Terror in Sydney Against Pro-Palestinian Supporters



Condemnation of Recent Act of Terror in Sydney Against Pro-Palestinian Supporters

Today, the Australian community woke to news about a horrifying act of terror directed at people expressing concern about what is occurring in Palestine. Last Friday, an explosive device was found attached to a car displaying the Palestinian flag in Sydney. This reprehensible act, which necessitated the deployment of a bomb disposal robot, is an act of terrorism and an attempt to suppress Australian voices.

For the past three months, the Muslim and Palestinian communities have been mourning the tragic loss of life and suffering in Palestine. This mourning has been met with heightened forms of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian sentiment.

This recent incident in Sydney is not an isolated event but part of a worrying trend of increasing Islamophobia, anti-Muslim, and anti-Palestinian sentiment. It is a stark reminder of the horrifying Christchurch massacre, in which over 50 innocent worshippers lost their lives and an equal number were injured in an act of terrorism.

The Government and local authorities must increase their efforts to protect all citizens from hate speech and acts of violence and terror. The danger of Islamophobia and related prejudices cannot continue to be underestimated or ignored.

We are disappointed to see the lack of, and delayed response from, our political leaders, police authorities and media agencies relating to this incident. We expect that the incident will be investigated. Immediate steps must be taken to confront and prevent such acts of terror. We also ask that our political leaders clearly and unequivocally condemn such acts. They have no place in our, or any, society.