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To be collaborative platform enhancing and advancing a faithful productive Australian Muslim Community.

The AAM aims to engage all segments of the Muslim community to unite, collaborate, and network. Our objective is to represent Muslims in Australia and creating a more established and brighter future for all Australian Muslims.

AAM works towards overcoming the challenges that the Muslim community is encountering in Australia, by being proactive, transparent and professional in its presentation.

To effectively coordinate and promote a wholesome Muslim identity, enhance media and political engagement, strengthen public relations and advocate for the protection of civil rights

The Muslim community in Australia is all encompassing, diverse, and inclusive community. The Australian Muslim community is diverse in its culture, Islamic schools of thought, groups (Jama’at) and religious opinions and verdicts.

Australian Muslims must always display mutual respect to one another regardless of what we agree or disagree on. The unity of the Muslim community is of utmost importance and this is acknowledged as a religious obligation. Working together to overcome the challenges that the Muslim community is encountering nationally and internationally. Resolving any disputes amongst ourselves in accordance with the teachings of Islam, religious obligations, and the Islamic code of conduct and ethics.

The Australian Muslim community is part of the fabric of Australian society. We acknowledge that Australia is our country and nation and as such we will be positive contributors towards the security, future prosperity, and development of this country.

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