AAM Covenant

We as Australian Muslim Community leaders/ Members/ Organisations and Societies acknowledge and commit to the following:

1. Our primary purpose and goal is to serve Islam and Muslims while seeking the pleasure of Allah and following the path of his messenger Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him.

2. The Muslim community in Australia is an encompassing, diverse and inclusive community.

3. The Australian Muslim community is a diverse community in its culture, Islamic schools of thought, groups (Jama’at) and religious opinions and verdicts.

4. We Muslims will display mutual respect to one another regardless of what we agree or disagree on.

5. Our unity as a Muslim community is of utmost importance and we acknowledge this duty as a religious obligation.

6. We will work together in order to overcome the challenges that the Muslim community is encountering nationally and internationally.

7. Any internal disputes or conflicts in the Muslim community will result in negative outcomes for all stakeholders, particularly the wider Australian Muslim Community.

8. We will resolve our disputes amongst ourselves in accordance with the teachings of Islam, religious obligations and the Islamic code of conduct and ethics.

9. We will not compromise on the fundamental values and principles of the mainstream teachings of Islam derived from the Quran, Sunnah and the opinion of the majority of the mainstream Muslim scholars and Imams in the past and the present.

10. We will work with each other for the common good and interest in order to serve, advance and prosper the Muslim community in Australia.

11. We will strive towards preserving the Islamic identity in Australia according to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah and the mainstream teachings of Islam and preserve the future generations of Muslims in Australia.

12. We will work towards correcting and improving the image of Islam and Muslims in Australia and communicate effectively with all Australian stakeholders, Government and Non-Government organisations and the wider Australian society in order to convey a positive and accurate representation of Islam and Muslims whilst observing the Islamic teachings and guidelines.

13. We will stand by each other and defend one another in particularly in times of predicaments and needs. As such, we acknowledge that any unjustified attack on any religious figure, leader and Islamic Society/ Organisation/ Group is an attack on the entire Muslim community.

14. The Australian Muslim community is part of the fabric of the Australian society. We acknowledge that Australia is our country and nation and as such we will be positive contributors towards the security, future prosperity and development of this country.

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