Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) 6th National Summit 2023


Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) 6th National Summit 2023

The Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) held its 6th National Summit online on Sunday, 26 November 2023 via ZOOM.

Prominent Muslim organisations and community leaders from around Australia attended the 6th National Summit to discuss important issues of concern to Australian Muslims and the future of the Muslim community in Australia.

The AAM aims to serve as a collaborative platform to coordinate and enhance efforts for the common benefit of the Australian Muslim community. Further, the AAM continues to stand with and contribute to the broader Australian society.

The delegates at the National Summit focused on the key areas of promoting an Australian Muslim identity, enhancing media and political engagement, strengthening public relations, and advocating for the protection of the civil rights of minority groups. This includes the serious concern in relation to the rise of Islamophobia, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Arab and Anti-Palestinian sentiment.

The AAM is currently comprised of over 210 mainstream Muslim organisations from all Australian States and Territories. It is open to all mainstream and representative Muslim organisations and individuals who are active in the Australian Muslim community.

The 6th AAM National Summit also held a strategy workshop to review the objectives, vision and goals of the AAM, and its future. The AAM aims to be a representative body that will represent, advocate for, and safeguard the interests of the Muslim community in Australia.