AAM Welcomes the ICJ’s Decision



AAM Welcomes the ICJ’s Decision

The Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) welcomes the recent decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the UN’s highest judicial body, which strongly suggests that the state of Israel has breached the Genocide Convention. The ICJ has predominantly backed South Africa’s legal argument on the genocidal actions and intentions of Israel, illuminating the extent of Israel’s continuous acts of aggression and brutality against the innocent civilians in Gaza- Palestine.

Beyond Israel’s intense and indiscriminatory attacks and bombardment, the Court acknowledges that the Palestinian population in Gaza is confronting additional severe threats to their existence, including starvation and disease.

This marks a historic victory for the Palestinian people and their supporters, signalling an end to Israel’s impunity.

Since 1948, the Palestinian people have endured suffering, notably with their displacement during the establishment of the State of Israel, backed by the UN, USA, UK, Australia and other allies. The time has come for Israel to be held accountable and for the global community to recognise the continuous massacres, genocides, and war crimes committed by Israel and the plight of the Palestinian people for nearly a century.

While the absence of a court-mandated immediate ceasefire is disheartening, the ICJ’s verdict is a step in the right direction.

The international community has largely overlooked Israel’s history and persistent breaches of UN resolutions and international laws. This trend of overlooking violations and war crimes must come to an end. Australia must take a leadership role in demanding accountability from Israel and bringing an end to the prolonged plight of the Palestinian people.

In addition to this, we call upon the Australian Government to:

  • condemn Israel’s indiscriminate attacks on the Palestinian people,
  • halt defence cooperation, intelligence exchanges, and defence industry collaborations with Israel,
  • recognise the State of Palestine and support its full membership in the UN,
  • immediately bring an end to this war and the killing of the innocent Palestinian people.

We extend our profound thanks and gratitude to South Africa and its people for their remarkable bravery and integrity in bringing this case against the Israeli occupation before the ICJ and the international community on behalf of the struggling and devastated Palestinians.