AAM and Muslim Community Condemn Recent Comments Made by the Opposition Leader Peter Dutton


AAM and Muslim Community Condemn Recent Comments Made by the Opposition Leader Peter Dutton

The Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM), representing over 200 grassroots Muslim organisations across Australia, condemns and unequivocally rejects the bigoted comments made by the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Peter Dutton, for which he expressed concerns for the potential of “Muslim Candidates” and “Muslim candidates from Western Sydney, it will be a disaster”.

This language has no place in Australian society and is not accepted by any faith. Australian politics has many members from all major faiths who are either independent or members of the major parties. Despite popular belief, Muslims, like all Australians, are free to and do ascribe to different sides of politics including supporting the major parties.

The Muslim community continues to endure bigotry and can no longer stand idle as those elected to represent the Australian community who are held to a higher standard but allowed to behave in such a manner.

In recent times, we have seen a strong wave of islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment within Australia, for which Mr Dutton’s bigotry adds to this narrative. Similarly, Australian Muslims, like other faiths, encourage their community to consider public service to represent their community; however, they struggle to find support or relevance when such comments are made by current politicians.

It is also deeply disappointing that Mr Dutton has failed to acknowledge the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people since last October and the ongoing rise of Islamophobia in the country.

The Australian Parliament should be an example and represent a safe workplace and not be discriminated against in any way. However, in recent years we have seen examples of the Australian Parliament being a toxic workplace for women and now for people of faith.

Therefore, Mr Dutton should immediately apologise to the Muslim community for his comments without reservation.

We call on all Australians, regardless of their faith or otherwise, to stand together against such bigotry and not let this behaviour continue in our community.