76th Year Anniversary of the Nakbah – (The Catastrophe)


76th Year Anniversary of the Nakbah – (The Catastrophe)

Today, May 15th, marks the 76th anniversary of the Nakba (The Catastrophe), a sorrowful event commemorated by Muslims and Non-Muslims around the world. This date in 1948 is remembered for the forced displacement and destruction of Palestinian communities, which paved the way for the establishment of the State of Israel. Over 750,000 Palestinians were compelled to leave their homes.

The aftermath and suffering of the Nakbah persist, with Palestinians facing ongoing aggression, genocide and war crimes committed by the occupying state of Israel, including forced evictions, expanding illegal settlements, arbitrary detentions, and restrictions on movement due to military checkpoints and separation barriers.

The Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) and the Australian Muslim community strongly denounce the continuous assaults on Palestinians in Gaza and other areas, where Israeli forces have committed acts of genocide and war crimes that have led to over 35,000 killings and widespread displacement, with a significant portion of Gaza’s population facing dire humanitarian conditions. The struggle extends across the West Bank and other Occupied Palestinian Territories, continuing the cycle of suffering and catastrophe.

The Palestinians have the right to self-determination and to live in peace on their ancestral lands. The AAM urges the Australian government to take decisive actions to safeguard Palestinian rights and support the formal recognition of the State of Palestine.

The AAM calls on all Muslims, Palestinians and human rights advocates to join their fellow Palestinian brothers and sisters and the global community to commemorate the 76-year anniversary of the Nakbah (The Catastrophe) and to continue their support and advocacy for the rights of the Palestinian people.